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Future of Solar Power?

Sloar Power

Solar power is radiant energy that is produced by the sun.Collecting and converting the solar power is done by using solar panels.

Solar power will be ideal for global warming problems.We know how big/powerful is solar power. And, we know how to get electricity from solar energy. But still we are not able to get the full benefit from Solar power.

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Feasibility of Online Voting for Political Elections in India

Online Voting

We are seeing lot of voting systems  everywhere in internet.

These voting systems are completely different from actual voting in political elections.

India’s recent initiatives to give unique id number (UID) for each person in India .It may help to implement this online voting system.

Any have i have a doubt is’it possible to implement online voting system

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Google Map API – A Powerful and Free way to add value for your web applications.

qualitypoint-Google map

qualitypointtechnologies-Google map

Google Maps provides a highly responsive, intuitive mapping interface with embedded, detailed street and aerial imagery data.

Google Maps is getting more popular as it is helping people to know the places and to get directions easily. Google is adding lot of information and satellite images of many places in the world to make the Google Map more useful.

Almost all websites are now showing their office locations/addresses using Google Map.
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