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Do you think Apple iPad will kill Amazon Kindle?

Apple has released iPad with eReader functionality.

Steve Jobs credited Amazon with pioneering the category with the Kindle, but said “we are going to stand on their shoulders and go a little bit farther.”
So, it seems the iPad will kill the Amazon Kindle in near future. You can read various discussions about this topic here

What do you think? Whether iPad will kill the Kindle or not?

I understand that it is very difficult to judge what will happen in future.
So, my next question is very easy one. What is your wish? Whether you want to support Kindle or iPad or both. You can take the below poll.


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Strange experiment to measure quality of tweets

Five French journalists have planned to lock themselves in a farmhouse in France for five days (from 1 to February 5, 2010). From this farmhouse they will write news based only on what they read on Twitter and Facebook.

Read our blog post to know more details about this experiment, and you can join the discussion about this experiment.

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Published Questions and Answers for PHP and QA

We have posted Questions answers useful for learning PHP and Sofware Testing.

And, we have planned to publish more questions in many topics such as QTP, mysql, html, css and javascript.

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Google is providing service same as is popular for its service of automatically sending tweets to the twitter account using the RSS feed content.

Google is also providing similar service now. You can read our blogpost to know more details.

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Issace Newton’s Birthday

Google is celebrating birthday of Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)by showing “falling apple” on Google home page

You can read the more details from our blog post.

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News blog for publishing News

We are showing various News (Tech News   Software Testing News  News about Google  Business News Medical News Tamil News) on our blogger blog using RSS Feeds/yahoo pipes/Feedburner/javascript.

Since this News is getting displayed using javascript we can not see the previous days news.
So, we are maintaining another News blog for showing New of previous days.

And, we have launched separate blog useful for doing freelance projects.

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