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Reddit downvote helps to get more visitors

Whenever we submit our blog links to some people used to give downvote even before reading the article (I am able to say this based on feedjit live traffic details).

Initially I was thinking that it will affect our blog to reach the hot position in reddit.

But after doing more analysis I can say that it indirectly helps us to get more visitors to our blog.

Because, combination of their down votes and upvotes from genuine users makes our blog link to reach top of controversial section. It ultimately drives more visitors to our blog.
Because of these downvoting people we got 3600% hike in alexa ranking.

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Is it safe and reliable to use any free hosting such as

We are using free hosting services such as for our demo/testing purpose.

As of now, we are not facing any issue with them and planning to purchase some plan to upgrade the features. But some reviews are saying that it is not safe/reliable to use such hosting services (i-e free or low budget hosting).

I couldn’t decide whether I need to believe those reviews. So, I asked this question in

You can see that here also I got only mixed response.

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Why still there is no freelance site which will satisfy both Buyer and Seller(Coder)?

I had below question in my mind and asked it in

It seems most of the Freelance site are supporting the Buyers not the Coders. It is true? Is there any freelance site available to treat both buyers and sellers as same?

You can refer below url to see the comments from the reddit users.

By seeing the comments we can easily understand that there is no freelance site available to satisfy both buyers and Sellers even when thousands for freelance sites are available.

If anybody knows such a site you can share it here.

I hope theoretically existence of such site is possible. For example, Google’s adsense/adword satisfy both publisher and the advertiser for some extent.

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Learning ajax in web development

I have posted an article about learning ajax.

I hope it will be useful for understanding basics of ajax and the sample code will be useful for creating simple ajax based websites.

Anyway, still I am looking into way for understanding more details of ajax, such as JSON.

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Do you want to test your knowledge in php or QTP?

QualityPoint has released initial version of free online Quiz.

Click to attend QualityPoint Quiz in below topics.


# Javascript

# MySql

# dotNET/C#


# Software Testing/QA

# Aptitude

# English

see our blog for more details

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Google Wave=Email/Outlook on Browser + SharePoint + Twitter+Real time chat?

My post about Google Wave will give introduction to Wave which will be released by Google at the end of this Year as an alternate for Email System.

It will be a real time collaboration system much more better than Twitter. Even we can see the message character by character while typing it.

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