Use Javascript to dynamically change webpage

May 13, 2009 at 8:58 am Leave a comment

Whenever possible we should use javascript code instead of serverside code (e.g php) for doing any dynamic change in webpage.

Because, javascript will execute in the client side itself (i-e within browser). So it will avoid any unnecessary page refresh.

Find below the links to my posts which will explain dynamic html with examples and with sample code.

As I explained in my previous post, here also we need to do some extra work to make the code work in IE also.

And also, this week I have written few more posts related to web development and testing. Find below the links for the posts.

  • NaN in Javascript and math constants
  • Code for putting Flash File within HTML web page
  • Handling single quotes in PHP and Javascript
  • Use cURL in case allow_url_fopen is off in PHP
  • What is Inbound/Back Link and how to find them?
  • Restricting user access based on IP Address
  • More Articles…


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Why should we still consider Internet Explorer? Reading many blogs from single place.

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